Grupido Country Living

Grupido Country Living Farm

Living life with sustainable hobby farm procedures and love my small piece of heaven in Ortonville, MI in zone 6a.

We have 38 assorted Chickens and a rooster and 9 beautiful female Ducks and 2 drakes.

If you want to buy eggs and do a porch pick-up it’s $4.00 for chicken eggs and $5.50 for duck eggs.

We raise meat Turkeys for Thanksgiving. 

I make my own soap with natural ingredients and essential oils. We sell our bars of soap for $8.00 a bar.

Loving my greenhouse that my hubby built for me and I have been growing seeds for myself and other customers. It’s such a joy! Gardening is my peace and it grounds me and keeps me outside.

We have had Bees for 6 years and in 2020 they decided to leave . I am still deciding if I want to continue beekeeping.

Chicken & Duck Eggs

Porch Pick-up Only

Chicken Eggs  – $4.00 a doz

Duck Eggs – $5.50 a doz