The Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greeks were known to braid their hair with blossoms from the rosemary plant in hopes of enhancing their mental acuity and in improving their memory. Have you ever found that by the time Friday arrives you are just mentally worn out? ❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓❓ Today is Friday, so grab some fresh rosemary and inhale to … Continue reading The Ancient Greeks

Today was spent in the greenhouse transplanting and starting seeds. Relaxing• Enjoyment• Sunshine• Remember to take time in your busy schedule to enjoy life and live! Watching my seeds grow is just like watching businesses grow in social media engagement or when I am building a website. Both do so steadily and in their own … Continue reading

My Beautiful Gladiola!

My beautiful Gladiola! Running my social media business is just like my gardens. How you ask❓ Well, I feed my gardens and take care of them and they flourish. Put the time in and your business will be flourishing just like my Gladiola #grupidocountryliving #gabsocialsolutions