“Make it Evergreen”

“Make it Evergreen” At first, I thought this was related to the organic gardening, well because those who know me know that’s where my brain goes. 😊 Oh, how wrong I was.

How many of you have recently run into the words, “Make it Evergreen?” I left Hootsuite social media manager of 4 years and signed up with Social Report, just finished transferring my 6 months of created content planning for my clients over, that was a job but so worth it. So far, I love it! When you are creating content, it asks you if you want to “Make it Evergreen” I had to look it up, which I don’t mind, because I love learning.

“Evergreen” is just the same recycled best practice for the Web to keep content fresh and relevant – and lol to make people feel “word trendy” that they found something new that we old-time Web folk have known. It can also mean that it will automatically schedule content according to your posting schedule.
Let me know what you think?

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